Glam on the go

The Spa Traveller’s expert guide to looking good on long-haul flights

Q: What make-ups and creams should I use?

A: Try not to apply make-up for your flight - and as soon as you get in your seat, apply a moisturising cream. Two good ingredients in moisturisers are hyaluronic acid and glycerin; they don't irritate and they hydrate without making skin oily. Reapply the cream several times if you are on a long-haul flight.


Q: Is there a way to avoid arriving with red puffy eyes?

A: Don't eat in-flight peanuts, pretzels or crisps; No salt! And keep eye cream samples with you - you can even ask your flight attendant for a cup of ice to keep your eye cream chilled and right before you land, put cold eye cream under your eyes.

Look for eye cream with anti-inflammatory ingredients (like coffee berry, licorice, soy. The coldness of the cream will help with puffiness. If you forget to bring your eye cream (or accidentally checked it in) ask your flight attendant for green tea bags, and put them on ice... green tea is anti-inflammatory.


Q: Dirty skin is a huge issue during travel; is there a solution?

A: Air on planes is re-circulated from the engine! That's all the more reason you want to protect your skin and use a barrier, so remember to always use a moisturiser. Pre-moistened wipes or microdermabrasion wipes are also good.


Q: What else do you recommend for combating dry plane air?

A: Mist your face with mineral water. They sell those water spritzers; they are great! Some of them have high concentration of selenium - it helps keep moisture in your skin.



Q: How many products should we pack for the journey?

A: All you need is a cleanser, plus morning and night creams. In the morning, think about protecting the skin, so pick a moisturiser that does triple duty. Pick one that has SPF and also antioxidants to shield your skin from pollution, sun, smog, all those things we expose our skin to. And at night, think about repairing your skin.

Creams that have salicylic acid are good, especially if you have issues with breakouts or acne. If it's fine lines you are concerned about, then look for over-the-counter products with Retinol. It breaks down into Retin-A, which helps build collagen while you sleep.


Q: What if we are heading to the warmer climes and are worried about sun damage?

A: One of the best ingredients is niacin, one of the B vitamins. It helps reduce pigmentation and sun damage. The trick is to find products that do double duty, so you don't have to put three products on in the morning and then three at night. Think, protect in the morning - and repair at night.

My private changing cubicle was huge and there was plenty of space in the wardrobe-like lockers. But the piste de resistance had to be the powerful walk-in shower with its five jets – it was so big I had to take five steps to reach the shampoo and conditioner bottles – not that I was complaining!

A bowl of apples was also tastefully positioned by the door providing a healthy end to the day – as they say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.


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