Confessions of a spa writer

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Confessions of a spa writer

Janet Brice of founder of Spa Traveller Wellness reveals the funnier moments of reviewing your favourite spas…

“A milk and honey moment in one of Greece’s best spas”


When you’re introduced as founder of Spa Traveller Wellness at dinner parties the reaction of most people is: “Oh you’re so lucky, do you spend all your time jumping in Jacuzzis and trying out exotic treatments?


Well, yes I do actually. But, sadly not as often as most people think and the life of a spa journalist is not quite as glamorous as you would envisage.
Yes, there have been the Greek milk and honey moments reviewing a new spa on the Peloponnese coast while my children were in the most amazing overnight kid’s club – leaving us weary parents to soak up all the spa had to offer.
And there was the time at Anassa’s Thalassa Spa in Cyprus where I was so inspired by the décor I was late for my treatment! However, I loved the cool mint green so much I immediately followed re-decorated when I arrived home!
But there has also been also been those fights with the dreaded paper pants (which way do they go on anyway) plus a rather over-vigorous therapist who insisted on penetrating sports massage when I was expecting a soothing Swedish.
There was also the moment in one of London’s swankiest new spas when I couldn’t find the door out of the rather hot, circular relaxation room.
The spa promoted its “curved and sleek lines” but when you’re trapped inside with no obvious door in sight and you have circled its white marble lines three times, your blood pressure begins to go up!

And did you know, you’re actually supposed to relax during a treatment? Most therapists know if they have achieved this if you nod off.
But people, like me, never seem to fully relax which apparently reveals itself with rapid eye fluttering! So you cannot hide it, as I discovered, when my therapist told me to “stop thinking” during a mid-morning massage!


The only time I nearly nodded off was when a distracted therapist left me to relax in a dry flotation room and forgot about me! A twenty minute pick-me-up turned into a forty minute wallow in the warmed-water bed – leaving one very red-faced journalist a bit disorientated as she got the tube home!


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